Gianluca Piacenza is an artist who sees beauty in imperfections. His work on this project presents listeners with a uniquely genuine, unprocessed version of his creative expression, complete with the very sound of his fingers hitting the keys, and finished off in the most natural, untainted fashion. The journey that is The Road To Home begins with Dark Light, a piece spanning beyond the nine minute mark, surrounding you entirely in the seemingly free-flowing energy of the artist and his emotional state. There is at first a certain sense of rhythm and familiarity that is maintained within, though later on this evolves into new realms, taking on new emotions, moving from the peaceful and energized to the much more dreamlike and perhaps unreal feeling. It’s an entrancing progression and marks the start of a powerful and deeply human exploration of music through a single instrument.

Momentum offers up a slightly more spacious soundscape, the notes appear tentatively and the experience is less than a minute long, which really provokes a level of consideration in contrast with what preceded it, and with the concept of momentum in itself. A Unified Voice follows, mellow and delicate again, though less spacious feeling – there’s more of a smooth connection between notes here, as well as something of a leaning back and forth between the optimistic and the slightly melancholy (though the latter is brief).